Our Way

It's all about the skillz: re-skilling in the lost arts and processes, the sharing of resources and knowledge.

rekindling the spirit of curiosity, exploration, imagination


Someone, anyone, has an idea... that's a good enough reason to try it out. This is very inportant to us Syndicos of Catskill; we are open to all who are willing.

If rigorous technical achievement and incesssant iteration is fun for you, you might like it here.

We also like to dick around a lot. So we got that going for us, too.


The Usual Suspects

The Syndicos are a most interesting bunch: an odd cast of characters connected by some common interests, possessing a wide array of technical abilities and sharing an undying thirst for further knowledge and skill.


Syndic┼Źrum Glorious

Powered by Assclownium: the heaviest element known to man, highly radioactive and most annoying.

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